Steven Holl/Simmons Hall : MIT undergraduate residence


    • Gannon, Todd
    • Kipnis, Jeffrey
    • Denison, Michael


Steven Holl/Simmons Hall : MIT undergraduate residence

Todd Gannon and Michael Denison, volume editors

(Source books in architecture, 5)

Princeton Architectural Press, c2004

  • pbk.

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"Knowlton School of Architecture, The Ohio State University" -- t.p.

Includes bibliographical reference (p. 163).



With its striking gridded facade and amoeba-shaped internal cavities, Steven Holl's new dormitory for MIT, Simmons Hall, is without question one of the most original and idiosyncratic architectural statements of recent memory. A veritable catalog of ideas -- from the use of color to experimentation with form and materials -- Simmons Hall is an essay in architectural imagination by one of the professions' most celebrated practitioners. This detailed monograph will allow readers to deconstruct this complex marvel of modern design and construction. Steven Holl Architects/Simmons Hall is documented with sketches, models, renderings, working drawings, and photographs at a level of detail that allow complete and careful study of the project. Commentary by the architect and design critics explores both the technical aspects and cultural contexts of the building.

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