Creative industries


Creative industries

edited by John Hartley

Blackwell Pub., 2005

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Creative Industries is a daring collection of essays that charts the noisy revolution that is transforming the production, consumption, and understanding of culture in the all-wired era. It brings together seminal essays written across traditional and new media, industry sectors, and national contexts to demonstrate that content still drives a value-neutral, knowledge economy.* Chronicles the way mass culture is produced, packaged and circulated in a technology-enabled and globalized world* Draws together, in one accessible volume, seminal essays written across traditional and new media, industry sectors, and national contexts* Explores the subjects that have come to define the creative industries - including learning services, knowledge clusters, dot.coms, creative cities, networked incubators, the new media, and the shift from the "culture industries" to the "industries of culture"* Features 31 essays by leading international scholars - covering the creative industries of several fields, including book publishing, TV production, urban development, and games* Includes substantial editorial introductions by the editor, making this a useful, engaging, and thought-provoking collection of the very best scholarship on modern creative culture.


Acknowledgements. Notes on Authors. Creative Industries:John Hartley. Part I: Creative World. Creative World: Ellie Rennie. Commons on the Wires: Lawrence Lessig. Open Publishing, Open Technologies: Graham Meikle. At the Opening of New Media Center Sarai, Delhi: Geert Lovink. Multicultural Policies and Integration via the Market: Nestor Garcia Canclini. Part II: Creative Identities. Creative Identities: John Hartley. The Mayor's Commission on the Creative Industries: John Howkins. Delia Smith Not Adam Smith: Charles Leadbeater. The Experiential Life: Richard Florida. Conclusion to Global Hollywood: Toby Miller, Nitin Govil, John McMurria and Richard Maxwell. Part III: Creative Practices. Creative Practices: Brad Haseman. The Poetics of the Open Work: Umberto Eco. Digital TV and the Emerging Formats of Cyberdrama: Janet H. Murray. Balancing the Books: Ken Robinson. Connecting Creativity: Luigi Maramotti. Performing the 'Real' 24/7: Jane Roscoe. Part IV: Creative Cities. Creative Cities: Jinna Tay. London as a Creative City: Charles Landry. Developing Cultural Industries in St Petersburg: Justin O'Connor. Local clusters in a global economy: Michael E. Porter. Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong: Ackbar Abbas. Part V: Creative Enterprises. Creative Enterprises: Stuart Cunningham. Why Cultural Entrepreneurs Matter: Charles Leadbeater and Kate Oakley. Games, the New Lively Art: Henry Jenkins. Harnessing the Hive: JC Herz. Part VI: Creative Economy. Creative Economy: Terry Flew. When Markets Give Way to Networks ... Everything is a Service: Jeremy Rifkin. Clubs to companies: Angela McRobbie. Culture and the Creative Economy in the Information Age: Shalini Venturelli. Index

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