Manual of infection control procedures



Manual of infection control procedures

N.N. Damani ; foreword by A.M. Emmerson

, 2003

2nd ed

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Previous ed.: 1997

Includes bibliographical references (p. 317-320) and index



The prevention of infection in the health care setting remains a key goal for all health care personnel. All healthcare establishments also have a need to continually improve the quality of care they provide and ensure a safe working environment. Health care associated infections lengthen patients' hospital stays and increase both morbidity and mortality. In addition, diagnosing and treating these infections is a costly process and places intense pressure on limited health care resources. The new, updated and significantly expanded edition of the Manual of Infection Control Procedures provides a comprehensive overview of the main aspects of infection control, and gives practical, evidence-based recommendations and easy-to-follow advice on strategies to prevent infection in all care facilities.


  • Principles of infection control
  • administrative arrangements
  • design and maintenance of health care facilities
  • surveillance and outbreak control
  • epidemiology and biostatistics
  • disinfection and sterilization
  • isolation precautions
  • prevention of nonsocomial infections caused by multi-resistant organisms
  • prevention of infections caused by specific pathogens
  • blood-borne viral hepatitis and HIV infection
  • protection for health care workers
  • hand hygiene and personal protective equipement
  • prevention of surgical site infections
  • prevention of infection associated with intravenous therapy
  • prevention of infections associated with urinary catheterization
  • prevention of nosocomial pneumonia
  • hospital support services
  • infection control information resources.

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