Polarization optics in telecommunications


    • Damask, Jay N.


Polarization optics in telecommunications

Jay N. Damask

(Springer series in optical sciences, v. 101)

Springer, c2005

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I have written this book to ?ll a void between theory and practice, a void that Iperceivedwhileconductingmyownresearchanddevelopmentofcomponents and instruments over the last ?ve years. In the chapters that follow I have pulled materials from the technical and patent literature that are relevant to the understanding and practice of polarization optics in telecommuni- tions, material that is often known by the respective experts in industry and academia but is rarely if ever found in one place. By bringing this material intoonemonograph,andbyapplyingasingleformalismthroughout,Ihopeto create a "base level" upon which future research and development can grow. Polarization optics in telecommunications is an ever-evolving ?eld. Each yearsigni?cantadvancementsaremade,punctuatedbyimportantdiscoveries. The references upon which this book is based are only a snap-shot in time. Areasthatremainunresolvedatthetimeofpublicationmayverywellbecl- i?ed in the years to come. Moreover, the focus of the ?eld changes in time: for instance, there have been few passive nonreciprocal component advancements reported in the last few years, but PMD and PDL advancement continues with only modest abatement.


Vectorial Propagation of Light.- The Spin-Vector Calculus of Polarization.- Interaction of Light and Dielectric Media.- Elements and Basic Combinations.- Collimator Technologies.- Isolators.- Circulators.- Properties of Polarization-Dependent Loss and Polarization-Mode Dispersion.- Statistical Properties of Polarization in Fiber.- Review of Polarization Test and Measurement.

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