The greying of India : population ageing in the context of Asia


The greying of India : population ageing in the context of Asia

Rajagopal Dhar Chakraborti

Sage Publications, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [445]-457) and index



This book argues cogently that India's policymakers need to urgently take up the cause of the elderly in order to create an environment that insures them against various risks and allows them to maintain as much economic independence and self-sufficiency as possible without disturbing the intergenerational balance. The first of its kind to be based on data from the National Sample Survey Organisation and providing a global perspective, this book constitutes the most comprehensive analysis of the causes and consequences of ageing in India. The major objectives of the book are to: - Document the rapid growth of older populations in India. - Address the key issues and topics related to ageing. - Assess the implications of demographic changes for programmes and policies for the aged. - Present an Elderly Status Index based on available data. Timely, stimulating and challenging, this book is packed with relevant and hitherto unanalysed data on ageing in India. In particular, it provides an exhaustive discussion on various conceptual and measurement issues relating to population ageing.


Foreword - Tim Dyson Preface Ageing in Asia: A Broad Overview What Causes Population Ageing? What is Ageing? Ageing and Development Status of the Aged Graceful Ageing Appendices Select Bibliography Index

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