American labor : a documentary collection


American labor : a documentary collection

edited by Melvyn Dubofsky and Joseph A. McCartin

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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This single-volume comprehensive compilation of documents integrates institutional labour history (movements and trade unions) with aspects of social and cultural history, as well as charting changes in trade union and managerial practices, and integrating the economics and politics of labour history. It includes documents that treat household relations as well as industrial relations; women as domestic workers and unpaid household labour as well as factory workers; and African American, Hispanic American (especially Mexican and Mexican American), and Asian workers as well as white workers. American Labor offers readers an insight into the full spectrum historically of workers, their daily lives, and the movements that they created.


Introduction Acknowledgments Labor in the Colonial and Early National Periods, to 1828 The Rise of Free Labor, the Factory System, and Trades Organization, 1828-1877 Workers in a Maturing an Industrial Society, 1877-1914 Wars, Depression, and the Struggle for Industrial Democracy, 1912-1947 The Era of the Postwar Social Contract, 1947-1973 Era of Economic Change and Union Decline, Since 1973

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