Gladstone and Disraeli


Gladstone and Disraeli

Stephen J. Lee

(Questions and analysis in history / edited by Stephen J. Lee and Sean Lang)

Routledge, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 183-186) and index



Gladstone and Disraeli surveys and compares the careers of these two influential Prime Ministers. Stephen J. Lee examines how Gladstone and Disraeli emerged as leaders of the two leading parties and goes on to consider their time in power, analyzing many different aspects of their careers. Using a wide variety of sources and historiography, Lee compares and contrasts the beliefs of Gladstone and Disraeli, their effect on the economy, social reform, the Irish problem and parliamentary reform, and on foreign policy.


Introduction. Outline Chronology 1. Gladstone and Disraeli Before 1868 2. The Ideas of Gladstone and Disraeli 3. Social, Economic and Institutional Reforms 4. Constitutional Reforms 5. Foreign Policy 6. Imperialism and Empire 7. Ireland 8. Gladstone, Disraeli and Their Political Parties

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