Comparing local governance : trends and developments



Comparing local governance : trends and developments

edited by Bas Denters and Lawrence E. Rose

(Government beyond the centre)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2005

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Bibliography: p. 263-284

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A broad-ranging assessment of continuities and change in local governance in the western industrialized world providing in-depth assessments by leading experts of a wide range of countries exemplifying between them the whole spectrum of types and models of local government systems and networks. A central focus is on the impact of public management reforms, new forms of community governance and changes in central-local relations.


  • Preface.- Local Governance in the Third Millennium: A Brave New World?
  • B.Denters & L.E.Rose.- France: The Intermunicipal Revolution
  • O.Borraz & P.Le Gales.- Italy: After the Storm
  • L.Bobbio.- Belgium: The Changing World of Belgian Municipalities
  • Y.Plees.- The Netherlands: In Search of Responsiveness
  • B.Denters & P.J.Klok.- The Nordic Countries: Still the 'Promised Land'?
  • L.E.Rose & K.Stahlberg.- Poland: A Time of Transition
  • P.Swianiewicz.- Germany: A New Type of Local Government
  • O.W.Gabriel & S.Eisenmann.- Switzerland: Reforming Small Autonomous Municipalities
  • A.Ladner.- The United Kingdom: An Increasingly Differentiated Polity?
  • D.Wilson.- New Zealand: A Quantum Leap Forward?
  • G.Bush.- Australia: Still a Tale of Cinderella?
  • C.Aulich.- The United States: Executive Centred Politics
  • H.V.Savitch & R.K.Vogel.- A New Intergovernmentalism?
  • M.Goldsmith.- Toward Community Governance?
  • B Denters & L.E.Rose.

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