The dictionary of criminal justice


The dictionary of criminal justice

George E. Rush ; with summaries of Supreme Court cases affecting criminal justice [by] Judy Hails

Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, c2003

6th ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 371-373) and index



This updated 6th edition of the "Dictionary of Criminal Justice" brings together, in one, easy-to-use guide, more than 3,600 definitions from the many disciplines that compose the field of criminal justice - including U.S. and English common law, penology, psychology, law enforcement, political science, and business administration. This volume also features summaries of nearly 1,000 key U.S. Supreme Court rulings affecting criminal justice. An appendix of juried academic journals is included. A new compilation of web sites in the field is also included.


PART I The Dictonary of Criminal Justice, Sixth Edition Preface to the Dictionary of Criminal Justice An A-through-Z listing of hard-to-find definitions of terms particularly useful to students and practitioners in the broad, interdisciplinary field of criminal justice PART II Summaries of Supreme Court Cases Affecting Criminal Justice Succinct summaries of nearly 1,000 important Supreme Court cases that have affected the study and practice of criminal justice Preface to the Summaries of Supreme Court Cases I First Amendment Issues A. Freedom of Speech B. Freedom of the Press C. Obscenity and Related Issues D. Freedom of Religion II Fourth Amendment Issues A. Aerial Surveillance B. Arrest and Booking C. Border Searches D. Car and Other Vehicle Searches E. Closed Containers F. Consent Searches G. Plain View and Open Fields Doctrines H. Stop-and-Frisk I. Warrants J. Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance K. Other Fourth Amendment Issues 1. Use of Force 2. Drug Testing 3. Trash Searches 4. Sobriety Tests 5. Knock and Announce 6. Other Issues III Identification Procedures IV Fifth Amendment Issues A. Self-Incrimination 1. Confessions 2. Other Self-Incrimination Issues B. Double Jeopardy C. Indictment V Sixth Amendment Issues A. Right to Counsel B. Grand and Petit Juries 1. Trial Juries 2. Grand Juries C. Trial 1. Public Access to Trial 2. Publicity 3. Plea Bargaining 4. Filing Additional Charges and Imposing Greater Sentences 5. Speedy Trial 6. Confrontation and Cross-Examination 7. Prosecutor's Misconduct 8. Role of Judge and Jury 9. Other Issues a. Insanity and Competency to Stand Trial b. Immunity c. Security in the Classroom VI Eighth Amendment Issues A. Death Penalty B. Other Eighth Amendment Issues VII Due Process Issues A. General Standard B. Parole and Probation C. Detention D. Standard of Proof E. Vagueness F. Discovery G. Presumptions H. Insanity and Competence to Stand Trial I. Forfeiture Proceedings J. Sexually Violent Predators K. Intoxication Defense L. Other Issues VIII Equal Protection Issues IX Rights of the Incarcerated X Juvenile Court Proceedings XI Use of Illegally Obtained Evidence A. Exclusionary Rule B. Fruit of the Poisonous Tree and Related Doctrines C. Standing XII Civil Rights Act and Constitutional Torts XIII Habeas Corpus in Federal Courts to Remedy Constitutional Wrongs XIV Other Constitutional Issues A. Ex Post Facto Laws B. Jurisdiction over the Military C. Other Issues Index of Cases Appendices Appendix A Doctoral Programs in Criminal Justice Appendix B Forensic Agencies and Organizations Appendix C Criminal Justice Web Sites Appendix D Juried/Refereed Journals

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