A feminist cosmology : ecology, solidarity, and metaphysics


    • Howell, Nancy R.


A feminist cosmology : ecology, solidarity, and metaphysics

Nancy R. Howell

Humanity Books, 2000

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Based on the author's thesis (doctoral)--Claremont Graduate School

Includes bibliographical references (p. 131-134) and index



In this timely, thoughtful book, which goes to the heart of feminist concerns in the context of larger social, ecological, and theological issues, Nancy R Howell proposes an ecofeminist worldview based on the organic-relational philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. In particular, the book explores the ways in which Whitehead's philosophy can help to establish interrelationships among various women's communities, the relationship between humanity and nature, and the theological process of relating the world to God. Howell strives to develop principles that are compatible with the wide spectrum of women's voices from different racial backgrounds and social strata. Specifically, she moves beyond mere acknowledgement of differing perspectives within the woman's movement and seriously engages criticisms of race-privileged white feminism by African American (womanist) and Latin American (mujerista) activists. "A Feminist Cosmology" calls for a self-critical reformation of feminist thought based on a more inclusive framework, one that takes into account the diversity of relationships among women, the deep interdependence of humanity and the ecosystem, and ultimately the variety of theological perspectives relating the world to God.

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