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Daphne West

(Teach yourself books)

Hodder Headline , Contemporary Books, 2003

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Copyright date on accompanying discs: p2004

In container (25 cm.)

[CD] 1. Units 1-9 -- [CD] 2. Units 10-20

Description and Table of Contents


The aim of this course is to equip the complete beginner with the skills needed to communicate in practical, everyday situations and to give some background information about Russia and Russian society. The 20 thematic units are designed to teach specific uses of the language related to situations you may encounter on a business trip or holiday to Russia. For example, you will learn how to give and ask for information about people and places, how to make requests, complaints, apologies, arrangements, how to express opinions and explain what has happened and what will happen. You will meet such topics as shopping, health, accommodation and entertainment and learn how to use your knowledge in related situations - in a shop, with the doctor, in a hotel, at the theatre. The book starts with sections on the alphabet and pronunciation; the course does not use transliteration but gives lots of help with mastering the Cyrillic alphabet, so you will soon be able to read and write easily and with confidence. There are Russian-English and English-Russian vocabularies at the end of the book, as well as a short index to the main grammar points covered. The text has been updated and reset in a new, impoved design and is accompanied by two 75-minute cassettes or CDs which are available separately or with the book in a pack.

Table of Contents

  • Your passport please!
  • I'm called Ira
  • where's the telephone?
  • may one take photographs here?
  • how much is it?
  • I prefer to swim
  • at the post office
  • is this place free?
  • when does the train leave?
  • on Wednesdays I usually
  • it depends on the weather
  • is Ira at home
  • must I really go the the doctor's?
  • the jumper really suits you
  • Happy Birthday!
  • it would be better
  • let's pop into the travel agent's
  • what happened?
  • thank you for the letter
  • come and see us again!
  • key to the exercises
  • Russian-English vocabulary
  • English-Russian vocabulary.

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