Foundations of social archaeology : selected writings of V. Gordon Childe


Foundations of social archaeology : selected writings of V. Gordon Childe

edited by Thomas C. Patterson and Charles E. Orser, Jr

AltaMira Press, c2004

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V. Gordon Childe is probably the most widely read early archaeologist of the 20th century and one of the world's most renowned prehistorians. A thorough understanding of the evolution of Childe's theoretical perspective is crucial to an understanding of the foundations of social archaeology. For the first time, a diverse collection of Childe's writings have been brought together in one volume. These fourteen essays, from his earliest seminal work in 1935 to his reflective essay 'Retrospect' written in 1958 shortly before his death, document the progression of this dynamic thinker. Essays such as 'Archaeology and Anthropology' show the evolution of Childe's theories from a conception of the past as a trait-list conceptualization of culture to an understanding of the profound importance of social relations in transforming human history. His understanding of history evolved from a static notion into a dynamic conception that openly embraced social interaction and all that it entailed, a transformation that marked the earliest strains of social archaeology. The introduction by prominent anthropologists Thomas Patterson and Charles Orser places Childe's work in a larger context and explores Childe's ongoing value to modern readers. This volume will be of interest to archaeologists, anthropologists, and historians of social archaeology.


Chapter 1 Changing Methods and Aims in Prehistory Part 1 Introduction:V. Gordon Childe and the Foundations of Social Archaeology Chapter 2 Archaeology as a Science Chapter 3 Archaeological Ages as Technological Stages Chapter 4 Archaeology and Anthropology Chapter 5 Archaeology as a Social Science Chapter 6 History Chapter 7 Organic and Social Evolution Chapter 8 The Urban Revolution Chapter 9 Old World Prehistory: Neolithic Chapter 10 The Constitution of Archaeology as a Science Chapter 11 Early Forms of Society Chapter 12 The Evolution of Society Chapter 13 The Bronze Age Chapter 14 Retrospect

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