Optical waves in layered media


Optical waves in layered media

Pochi Yeh

(Wiley series in pure and applied optics)

Wiley-interscience, c2005

  • pbk.

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"Optical Waves in Layered Media" presents a clear picture of the propagation of optical waves in layered media and teaches the reader how to design and analyze optical devices using such media. Starting from the simplest case of plane wave propagation in homogeneous media, the author introduces a new matrix method for studying the optical properties of multilayer structures consisting of isotropic materials. He then describes propagation in anisotropic layered media and in inhomogeneous layers, guided waves, the coupling of modes, and the optical properties of superlattices and quantum wells. "Optical Waves in Layered Media" bridges the gap between theory and practice by means of numerical examples based on real-life situations.


Chapter 1. The Electromagnetic Field. Chapter 2. Interaction of Electromagnetic Radiation with Matter. Chapter 3. Reflection and Refraction of Plane Waves. Chapter 4. Optics of A Single Homogeneous and Isotropic Layer. Chapter 5. Matrix Formulation for Isotropic Layered Media. Chapter 6. Optics of Periodic Layered Media. Chapter 7. Some Applications of Isotropic Layered Media. Chapter 8. Inhomogeneous Layers. Chapter 9. Optics of Anisotropic Layered Media. Chapter 10. Some Applications of Anisotropic Layered Media. Chapter 11. Guided Waves in Layered Media. Chapter 12. Optics of Semiconductor Quantum Wells and Superlattice Structures. Appendix: Zeros of Mode Dispersion RElation. Author Index. Subject Index.

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