Text and context in the history, literature and religion of Orissa



Text and context in the history, literature and religion of Orissa

ed. by Angelika Malinar, Johannes Belts, Heiko Frese

(Studies in Orissan society, culture, and history, v. 3)

Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 2004

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The last decades of the twentieth century have witnessed an enlarged understanding of the notion of text as not only comprising written documents, but also rituals, artifacts and the like. Thereby, texts were brought closer to the social religious or historical contexts that help to interpret texts. Scholars, traditionally divided in different disciplines that deal either more with texts (historians, philologists, etc.) or with contexts (sociologists anthropologists, etc.) became interested in the methods and perspectives of the other disciplines. This has resulted in a renewed interest in the theoretical issues implied in the notions of text and context. The essays in this volume reflect these debates and show how they influence and enrich research on South Asia. Anthropologists, historians, literary critics, philologists and historians of religion deal with the mutli-layered interplay between texts and contexts in past and present Orissa. Orissa, renowned for the cults related to the Jagannatha Temple in Puri, is marked by a rich cultural diversity. In dealing with the interdependence between text and context the eassys provide fresh insights to the complexity and fluidity of cultural contexts that use text as stable points of reference. The traditions of Orissa are considered in their uniqueness as well as in their relationship to South Asian cultural contexts on a larger scale.


  • Introduction
  • Are Cultures Readable? Reconsidering Some Questions of Method
  • The Making of a Local Chronicle: The Ranapur Rajavamsa Itihasa
  • Ranpur Resolved: Spatial Analysis of a Town in Orissa Based on a Chronicle
  • Jaypur Parlakimedi Vizianaragaram: The Southern Gajapatis
  • Anecdotes of History: Reflections on Contexts & (Hi)stories
  • Devotion, Poetry & Healing: Exploring Bhima Bhois Stuticintamani
  • Mantra-Recitation as a Religious Institution: Sri Kalpataru Seva Asrama in Bhubaneswar
  • Creating Performative Texts: The Introduction of Mangala puja in Southern Orissa
  • 'Facing the Trial: Fire Energy Day': Text & Performative Context in South Orissa
  • Entering the Realm of Durga: Patkhanda, a Hinduized Tribal Deity
  • Imagining Orissa: Archaeology, Art History & Cultural Identity
  • Gita-Govinda Traditions: A Medieval Debate & Its Impact on Modern Oriya Identity
  • Appropriating Jagannatha: Texts & their Contexts
  • Autobiographies of Oriya Leaders: Contributions to a Cause
  • Tribal Society of Highland Orissa, Highland Burma, & Elsewhere
  • Indology & the Cultural Turn
  • Index.

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