Biological hazards : an Oryx sourcebook


Biological hazards : an Oryx sourcebook

Joan R. Callahan

(Oryx sourcebooks on hazards and disasters)

Oryx Press, c2002

  • alk. paper

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Includes bibliographical references and index

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Anthrax is only one of many biological threats. We read and hear about the others in the news: mad cow disease, shark attacks, killer bees, the West Nile virus, polluted wells-countless stories of biological hazards in the U.S. and around the world. This compact reference handbook covers everything from disease-causing viruses and bacteria, to harmful insects, poisonous plants, dangerous animals, and other types of living threats to human life. Readers will learn the nature of these hazards, the associated risks, and where to find information for further study and research. In each category, the author presents the current scientific knowledge on causes, preventive measures, costs, outlook, and other topics of interest. Historical contexts are also provided. Every chapter ends with an anecdote illustrating its major themes. Primary source documents, statistical information, and a glossary are added features that make this resource the ideal starting point for anyone interested in biological hazards.


Preface Overview: The Nature of Hazards Human Pathogens in Water Human Pathogens in Food Human Pathogens in Air Human Pathogens Transmitted by Contact Crop and Livestock Pathogens and Pests Toxins and Allergens Predators and Other Biological Hazards Hazard and Controversy Other Statistics and Primary Sources Other Print Resources Nonprint Resources Organizations Glossary Index

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