Exercise physiology : human bioenergetics and its applications



Exercise physiology : human bioenergetics and its applications

George A. Brooks, Thomas D. Fahey, Kenneth M. Baldwin

McGraw-Hill, c2005

4th ed

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Considered a standard in the field, this text integrates Bioenergetics into every chapter and provides a comprehensive survey of current data and research in exercise physiology. In-depth discussion of all areas of exercise physiology makes this text an invaluable resource for students in exercise science, kinesiology, sports medicine, human biodynamics, and physical education.


Preface 1. Introduction: The Limits of Human Performance 2. Bioenergetics 3. The Maintenance of ATP Homeostasis in Energetics and Human Movement 4. Basics of Metabolism 5. Glycogenolysis and Glycolysis in Muscle: The Cellular Degradation of Sugar and Carbohydrate to Pyruvate and Lactate 6. Cellular Oxidation of Pyruvate and Lactate 7. Lipid Metabolism 8. Metabolism of Proteins and Amino Acids 9. Neural-Endocrine Control of Metabolism: Blood Glucose Homeostasis During Exercise 10. Metabolic Response to Exercise: Lactate Metabolism During Exercise and Recovery, Excess Postexercise O2 Consumption (EPOC), O2 Deficit, O2 Debt, and the "Anaerobic Threshold" 11. The Why of Pulmonary Ventilation 12. The How of Ventilation 13. Ventilation as a Limiting Factor in Aerobic Performance at Sea Level 14. The Heart 15. Circulation and Its Control 16. Cardiovascular Dynamics During Exercise 17. Skeletal Muscle Structure and Contractile Properties 18. Neurons, Motor Unit Recruitment, and Integrative Control of Movement 19. Principles of Skeletal Muscle Adaptations 20. Muscle Strength, Power, and Flexibility 21. Principles of Endurance Conditioning 22. Exercise in the Heat and Cold 23. Exercise, Atmospheric Pressure, Air Pollution, and Travel 24. Cardiovascular Diseases and Exercise 25. Obesity, Body Composition, and Exercise 26. Exercise, Disease, and Disability 27. Exercise Testing and Prescription 28. Nutrition and Athletic Performance 29. Ergogenic Aids 30. Gender Differences in Physical Performance 31. Growth and Development 32. Aging and Exercise 33. Fatigue During Muscular Exercise Appendix I. List of Symbols and Abbreviations Appendix II. Units and Measures

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