Clitic and affix combinations : theoretical perspectives


Clitic and affix combinations : theoretical perspectives

edited by Lorie Heggie, Francisco Ordóñez

(Linguistik aktuell, v. 74)

J. Benjamins, c2005

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  • : US

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In this volume, the relationship between clitics and affixes and their combinatorial properties has led to a serious discussion of the interface between syntax, morphology, semantics, and phonology that draws on a variety of theoretical perspectives (e.g., HPSG , Optimality Theory, Minimalism). Clitic/affix phenomena provide a rich range of data, not only for the identification of an affix vs. clitic, but also for the best way to explain ordering constraints, some of which are contradictory. A range of languages are considered, including Romance and Slavic languages, as well as Turkish, Greek, Icelandic, Korean, and Passamaquoddy. Moreover, several articles consider dialectal microparameterization, notably in Spanish, French, and Occitan. This volume thus reflects current debate on issues such as clitic ordering constraints, the relationship of clitics to inalienable possession and the left periphery, and templatic approaches to affixes vs. clitics while examining a broad range of languages.


  • 1. Names and addresses of contributors
  • 2. Clitic ordering phenomena: The path to generalizations (by Heggie, Lorie)
  • 3. Part I. Clitic sequences
  • 4. Romance clitic clusters: The case connection (by Desouvrey, Louis H.)
  • 5. Constraining Optimality: Clitic sequences and Feature Geometry (by Heap, David)
  • 6. The syntax of clitic climbing in Czech (by Rezac, Milan)
  • 7. Romance clitic clusters: On diachronic changes and cross-linguistic contrasts (by Nicol, Fabrice)
  • 8. Strong and Weak Person Restrictions: A feature checking analysis (by Anagnostopoulou, Elena)
  • 9. Part II. Clitics vs. Affixation
  • 10. Non-morphological determination of nominal affix order in Korean (by Yoon, James Hye Suk)
  • 11. Clitic positions within the left periphery: Evidence for a phonological buffer (by Szczegielniak, Adam)
  • 12. The Wh /Clitic-Connection (by Boeckx, Cedric)
  • 13. Morphosyntax of two Turkish subject pronominal paradigms (by Good, Jeff)
  • 14. On the syntax of doubling (by Uriagereka, Juan)
  • 15. Author Index
  • 16. Languages Index
  • 17. Subject Index

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