Grammar and context : an advanced resource book


Grammar and context : an advanced resource book

Ann Hewings and Martin Hewings

(Routledge applied linguistics / series editors, Christopher N. Candlin, Ronald Carter)

Routledge, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 321-330) and index



Grammar and Context: considers how grammatical choices influence and are influenced by the context in which communication takes place examines the interaction of a wide variety of contexts - including socio-cultural, situational and global influences includes a range of different types of grammar - functional, pedagogic, descriptive and prescriptive explores grammatical features in a lively variety of communicative contexts, such as advertising, dinner-table talk, email and political speeches gathers together influential readings from key names in the discipline, including: David Crystal, M.A.K. Halliday, Joanna Thornborrow, Ken Hyland and Stephen Levey. The accompanying website to this book can be found at


Section A: Introduction Unit 1: Grammar, Grammars and Grammaticality Unit 2: Context: Some Preliminaries Unit 3: The Local Situational Context Unit 4: The Wider Socio-Cultural Context Unit 5: Context in Approaches to Grammar Unit 6: Presenting a View of the World Through Grammatical Choices Unit 7: Expressing Interpersonal Relations Through Grammar Unit 8: Standards and Varieties Unit 9: Corpus Approaches to the Study of Grammar Section B: Extension Unit 1: Grammar in Conversation Unit 2: Grammar in Speech in Institutional Settings Unit 3: Grammar in Written Academic Contexts Unit 4: Grammar in Written Communication Unit 5: Grammar in Restricted Communications Unit 6: Grammar in Developing and Disintegrating Language Unit 7: Grammar in Second Language Learning Unit 8: Grammar and Gender Unit 9: Grammar and Social Class Unit 10: Grammar in International Varieties of Englishes Section C: Exploration Some Final Thoughts. Glossary of Grammatical Terms

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