Semiconductor manufacturing handbook


Semiconductor manufacturing handbook

Hwaiyu Geng, editor in chief

(McGraw-Hill handbooks)

McGraw-Hill, c2005

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This handbook will provide engineers with the principles, applications, and solutions needed to design and manage semiconductor manufacturing operations. Consolidating the many complex fields of semiconductor fundamentals and manufacturing into one volume by deploying a team of world class specialists, it allows the quick look up of specific manufacturing reference data across many subdisciplines.


PART 1: Semiconductor Fundamentals and Basic Materials BOARD OF REVIEWERS CONTRIBUTORS PREFACE ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 1: How Semiconductor Chips Are Made - Hwaiyu Geng, Lin Zhou Chapter 2: IC Design - Ilsun Park Chapter 3: Silicon Substrates for Semiconductor Manufacturing - K.V. Ravi Chapter 4: Copper, Low-k Dielectrics, and Their Reliability - Hazara S. Rathore, Kaushik Chanda Chapter 5: Fundamentals-Silicide Formation on Si - L.P. Ren, King N. Tu Chapter 6: Plasma Process Control - David J. Coumou Chapter 7: Vacuum Technology - Peter Biltoft Chapter 8: Photomask - Charles Howard PART 2: Wafer Processing Chapter 9: Microlithography - Chris A. Mack Chapter 10: Ion Implantation and Rapid Thermal Processing - Michael Graf Chapter 11: Wet Etching - Peng Zhang Chapter 12: Plasma Etching - Shouliang Lai Chapter 13: Physical Vapor Deposition - Florian Solzbacher Chapter 14: Chemical Vapor Deposition - Edward J. McInerney Chapter 15: Epitaxy - Jamal Ramdani, Giovanni Vaccari Chapter 16: ECD Fundamentals - Tom Ritzdorf, John Klocks Chapter 17: Chemical Mechanical Planarization - Timothy S. Dyer Chapter 18: Wet Cleaning - Andrew Machamer Part 3: Final Manufacturing Chapter 19: Inspection, Measurement, and Test - Donald W. Blair Chapter 20: Grinding, Stress Relief, and Dicing - Kazuhisa Arai, Yoshikazu Kobayashi, Hideaki Otani Chapter 21: Packaging - Dietrich Tonnies, Michael Topper Part 4: Nanotechnology, MEMS, and FPD Chapter 22: Nanotechnology and Nanomanufacturing - Zhong L. Wang Chapter 23: Fundamentals of Microelectromechanical Systems - Michael A. Huff Chapter 24: Flat-Panel Display Technology and Manufacturing - David N. Liu Part 5: Gases and Chemicals Chapter 25: Specialty Gas and CDA Systems - Wayne D. Curcie Chapter 26: Waste Gas Abatement Systems - Joseph D. Sweeney Chapter 27: PFC Abatement - James C. Cox Chapter 28: Chemical and Slurry Handling Systems - Kristin Cavicchi, Dan Barsness Chapter 29: Fluid Handling Components for High Purity Liquid Chemicals and Slurries - Charles K. Gould Chapter 30: Fundamentals of Ultrapure Water - David J. Albrecht Part 6: Fab Yield, Operations, and Facilities Chapter 31: Yield Management - Bo Li, Wayne Carriker Chapter 32: Automated Material Handling System - Clint Harris Chapter 33: CD Metrology and CD-SEM - Ram Peltinov, Mina Menaker Chapter 34: Six Sigma - Bruno Scibilia, Yoan Dupret Chapter 35: Advanced Process Control - Robert H. McCafferty Chapter 36: Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) Considerations in Semiconductor Fabrication Facilities - Brett J. Davis, Steven R. Trammell Chapter 37: Plan, Design, and Construction of a FAB - Industrial Design and Construction Chapter 38: Cleanroom Design and Construction - Richard V. Pavlotsky, Stephen C. Beck Chapter 39: Micro-Vibration and Noise Design - Michael Gandreau, Hal Amick Chapter 40: ESD Controls in Cleanroom Environments - Larry Levit Chapter 41: Airborne Molecular Contamination - Chris Muller Chapter 42: Particle Monitoring in Semiconductor Manufacturing - Steven Kochevar, Jerry Gromala Chapter 43: Wastewater Neutralization Systems - Richard E. Pinkowski APPENDIX INDEX

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