World unknown : an anthology of Australian prose



World unknown : an anthology of Australian prose

selected by Hume Dow and John Barnes

Oxford University Press, 1970

[2nd ed.]

  • : pbk.

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Drawings by Alison Forbes


  • The copper creek train, by X. Herbert
  • 'Tell us about the turkey, Jo ...', by A. Marshall
  • Josie, by V. Palmer
  • The 'Crucivle' of truth, by T. Collins
  • Flight, by K. S. Prichard
  • The rainbow-bird, by V. Palmer
  • Neighbours, by J. Waten
  • The red-backed spiders, by P. Cowan
  • James and Lionel, by M. B. Eldershaw
  • The expulsion of Annie Johns, by H. H. Richardson
  • Popularity, by J. Lindsay
  • 'And women must weep', by H. H. Richardson
  • Growing up in Gippsland, by K. Hancock
  • Empire day, by B. James
  • That day at Brown Lakes, by G. Casey
  • Initiation, by H. Porter
  • In the park, by J. Wright
  • The merry-go-round in the sea, by R. Stow