Networks of privilege in the Middle East : the politics of economic reform revisited


Networks of privilege in the Middle East : the politics of economic reform revisited

edited by Steven Heydemann

Palgrave Macmillan, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [299]-327) and index



This volume explores the role of informal networks in the politics of Middle Eastern economic reform. The editor's introduction demonstrates how network-based models overcome limitations in existing approaches to the politics of economic reform. The following chapters show how business-state networks in Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan have affected privatization programs and the reform of fiscal policies. They help us understand patterns and variation in the organization and outcome of economic reform programs, including the opportunities that economic reforms offered for reorganizing networks of economic privilege across the Middle East.


  • Introduction Networks of Privilege: Rethinking the Politics of Economic Reform in the Middle East
  • S.Heydemann Business-State Networks and the Politics of Economic Reform The Formation and Development of Economic Networks in Syria: Implications for Economic and Fiscal Reforms, 1986-2000
  • B.Haddad The Whales of the Nile: Networks, Businessmen, and Bureaucrats during the Era of Privatization in Egypt
  • J.Sfakianakis Patterns of Resistance: Economic Actors and Fiscal Policy Reform in Egypt in the 1990s
  • U.G.Wurzel From Negotiation to Rent Seeking, and Back?: Patterns of State-Business Interaction and Fiscal Policy Reform in Jordan
  • O.Wils Fiscality, Economic Reforms, and the Role of Networks: Nobody Having Too Much To Answer For: Laissez-Faire, Networks, and Post-War Reconstruction in Lebanon
  • R.Leenders Fiscal Trajectories in Morocco and Tunisia
  • B.Hibou Participatory Development and Liberal Reforms in Tunisia: The Partial Incorporation of Economic Networks
  • J.Cassarino The Limits of Network-Based Approaches: Challenges to Networks of Privilege in Morocco: Implications for Network Analysis
  • M.Cammett Reconciling Privilege and Reform: Fiscal Policy in Egypt, 1991-2000
  • E.Kienle Contributors Bibliography

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