Psychotherapy and religion : many paths, one journey


Psychotherapy and religion : many paths, one journey

edited by Marcella Bakur Weiner, Paul C. Cooper, and Claude Barbre

Jason Aronson, c2005

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Copyright 2005 by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers



The integration of religion into psychotherapy finds expression in the therapist's stance and response to those who seek help. The editors have gathered papers that demonstrate through extensive autobiographical material the relationship between personal religious experience and clinical work. The contributing authors, without exception, confront psychoanalytic theory and religious teachings in highly personal ways.


Chapter 1 The Spiritual Self in Psychoanalytic Therapy Chapter 2 Buddhism and Psychoanalysis Chapter 3 Psychotherapy and the Sacred Chapter 4 The Delicacy of Being Chapter 5 Faith Links Chapter 6 Sufi Meditations on Psychotherapy Chapter 7 My Incarnation This Time Around Chapter 8 A Christian Self Psychological Perspective Chapter 9 Replacement Religion Chapter 10 Empathy, Identification, and Discovering the Other

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