Using homework in psychotherapy : strategies, guidelines, and forms


    • Tompkins, Michael A.


Using homework in psychotherapy : strategies, guidelines, and forms

Michael A. Tompkins

Guilford Press, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 275-279) and index



A step-by-step guide for therapists who want to start implementing homework or to increase the effectiveness of assignments, this hands-on book is ideal for clinicians from any theoretical orientation. Presented are creative strategies for developing meaningful homework assignments, enhancing compliance, and overcoming typical homework obstacles. Nearly 50 reproducible forms are featured along with detailed recommendations for using them to accomplish five broad therapeutic goals: increasing awareness, scheduling activities, improving emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness, and testing assumptions. Also provided are tips for working with special populations, including adolescents, older adults, couples, and clients with severe depression or anxiety. Bursting with helpful tools, tips, and examples, the volume is designed in a convenient 8 1/2 x 11 format with lay-flat binding for ease of photocopying.


Preface Introduction I. Key Steps to Successful Homework Assignments 1. Step 1: Create a Meaningful Homework 2. Step 2: Set Up the Homework Assignment and Secure Compliance with It 3. Step 3: Review the Homework Assignment II. Applying the Steps 4. Homework to Increase Awareness 5. Homework to Schedule Activities 6. Homework to Increase Emotion Regulation 7. Homework to Increase Interpersonal Effectiveness 8. Homework to Test Assumptions 9. Overcoming Homework Obstacles 10. Homework for Special Populations Appendices

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