Women in the European countryside


Women in the European countryside

edited by Henry Buller, Keith Hoggart

(Perspectives on rural policy and planning)

Ashgate, c2004

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Much of the literature published so far on gender relations in rural areas has either focused on comparisons of the position of men and women, or explored the position of women given prevailing structural forces and behavioural 'norms' that restrict the autonomy of women as human agents. This groundbreaking book broadens the debate by developing our understanding of how societal processes produce and sustain gender divisions, particularly in rural areas, highlighting aspects of rural women's lives previously invisible in the literature. Illustrated by case studies from Belgium, Greece, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the UK, the book examines the critical issues of single parenthood, limited work and service opportunities, social mobility, educational and work experiences. In doing so, the contributors provide a fascinating comparative study of both national-regional and broader European realities.


  • Structures, cultures, personalities, places, policies: frameworks for uneven development, Keith Hoggart
  • it still matters where you live: rural women's employment throughout Europe, Bettina Bock
  • Women in rural France: mediators or agents of change?, Marion Demossie
  • Rural women's employment opportunities and constraints: the Norwegian case, Marit S. Haugen
  • Feminization trends in agriculture: theoretical remarks and empirical findings from Germany, Heide Inhetveen and Mathilde Schmitt
  • Partnerships for regional development and the question of gender equality, Christina Scholten
  • Rural women in the former GDR: a generation lost?, Bettina van Hoven
  • Can education be a strategy for developing rural areas?, Ingunn Limstrand and Marit Stemland
  • Index.

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