Ellipsis and nonsentential speech


    • Elugardo, Reinaldo
    • Stainton, Robert J.


Ellipsis and nonsentential speech

edited by Reinaldo Elugardo and Robert J. Stainton

(Studies in linguistics and philosophy, v. 81)

Springer, c2005

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The papers in this volume address two main topics: Q1: What is the nature, and especially the scope, of ellipsis in natural l- guage? Q2: What are the linguistic/philosophical implications of what one takes the nature/scope of ellipsis to be? As will emerge below, each of these main topics includes a large sub-part that deals speci?cally with nonsentential speech. Within the ?rst main topic, Q1, there arises the sub-issueofwhethernonsententialspeechfallswithinthescopeofellipsisornot;within the second main topic, Q2, there arises the sub-issue of what linguistic/philosophical implications follow, if nonsentential speech does/does not count as ellipsis. I. THE NATURE AND SCOPE OF ELLIPSIS A. General Issue: How Many Natural Kinds? There are many things to which the label 'ellipsis' can be readily applied. But it's quite unclear whether all of them belong in a single natural kind. To explain, consider a view, assumed in Stainton (2000), Stainton (2004a), and elsewhere. It is the view that there are fundamentally (at least) three very different things that readily get called 'ellipsis', each belonging to a distinct kind. First, there is the very broad phenomenon of a speaker omitting information which the hearer is expected to make use of in interpreting an utterance. Included therein, possibly as a special case, is the use of an abbreviated form of speech, when one could have used a more explicit expression. (See Neale (2000) and Sellars (1954) for more on this idea.


  • I: The Nature and Scope of Ellipsis. A: How Many Varieties? Against Reconstruction in Ellipsis
  • M. Dalrymple. The Semantics of Nominal Exclamatives
  • P. Portner, R. Zanuttini. B: Ellipsis and Nonsentential Speech: The Genuineness Issue. Nonsententials in Minimalism
  • E. Barton, L. Progovac. A Note on Alleged Cases of Nonsentential Assertion
  • P. Ludlow. On the Interpretation and Performance of Nonsentential Assertions
  • L. Clapp. Nonsentences, Implicature, and Success in Communication
  • T. Kenyon. The link between sentences and 'assertion': An Evolutionary Accident? A. Carstairs-McCarthy. II: Implications. Knowledge by Acquaintance and Meaning in Isolation
  • A. Botterell. Co-extensive Theories and Unembedded Definite Descriptions
  • A. Barber. The Ellipsis Account of Fiction-Talk
  • M. Reimer. Quinean Interpretation and Anti-Vernacularism
  • S. Davis. Saying What You Mean: Unarticulated Constituents and Communications
  • E. Borg.

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