Oedipus unbound : selected writings on rivalry and desire



Oedipus unbound : selected writings on rivalry and desire

René Girard ; edited and with an introduction by Mark R. Anspach

Stanford University Press, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • From the novelistic experience to the Oedipal myth
  • Oedipus analyzed
  • Symmetry and dissymmetry in the myth of Oedipus
  • Doubles and the pharmakos in Lʹevi-Strauss, Frye, Derrida and Shakespeare
  • The myth of Oedipus, the truth of Joseph



Did Oedipus really kill his father and marry his mother? Or is he nothing but a scapegoat, set up to take the blame for a crisis afflicting Thebes? For Rene Girard, the mythic accusations of patricide and incest are symptomatic of a plague-stricken community's hunt for a culprit to punish, and Girard succeeds in making us see an age-old myth in a wholly new light. The hard-to-find writings assembled here include three major early essays, never before available in English, which afford a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the emergence of Girard's scapegoat theory from his pioneering analysis of rivalry and desire. Girard unbinds the Oedipal triangle from its Freudian moorings, replacing desire for the mother with desire for anyone-or anything-a rival desires. In a wide-ranging and provocative introduction, Mark R. Anspach presents fresh evidence for Girard's hypotheses from classical studies, literature, anthropology, and the life of Freud himself.


@fmct:Contents @toc4:Editor's Acknowledgments i Editor's Introduction: Imitating Oedipus iii @toc2:1 From the Novelistic Experience to the Oedipal Myth 000 2 Oedipus Analyzed 000 3 Symmetry and Dissymmetry in the Myth of Oedipus 000 4 Doubles and the Pharmakos in Levi-Strauss, Frye, Derrida and Shakespeare 000 5 The Myth of Oedipus, the Truth of Joseph 000 @toc4:Notes 000 Library of Congress Subject Headings for this publication: Sophocles, Oedipus rex, Sophocles Characters Oedipus, Oedipus (Greek mythology) in literature, Oedipus complex in literature, Psychology in literature, Competition (Psychology)Sophocles Influence, Incest in literature, Desire in literature

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