MATLAB primer



MATLAB primer

Timothy A. Davis, Kermit Sigmon

Chapman & Hall/CRC, c2005

7th ed

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Earlier ed.: MATLAB primer / Kermit Sigmon

Includes index



With the spread of the powerhouse MATLAB (R) software into nearly every area of math, science, and engineering, it is important to have a strong introduction to using the software. Updated for version 7.0, MATLAB (R) Primer, Seventh Edition offers such an introduction as well as a "pocketbook" reference for everyday users of the software. It offers an intuitive language for expressing problems and solutions both numerically and graphically. The latest edition in this best-selling series, MATLAB (R) Primer, Seventh Edition incorporates a number of enhancements such as changes to the desktop, new features for developing M-files, the JIT accelerator, and an easier way of importing Java classes. In addition to the features new to version 7.0, this book includes: A new section on M-Lint, the new debugger for M-files A new chapter on calling Java from MATLAB and using Java objects inside the MATLAB workspace A new chapter on calling Fortran from MATLAB A new chapter on solving equations: symbolic and numeric polynomials, nonlinear equations, and differential equations A new chapter on cell publishing, which replaces the "notebook" feature and allows the creation of Word, LaTeX, PowerPoint, and HTML documents with executable MATLAB commands and their outputs Expanded Graphics coverage-including the 3D parametrically defined seashells on the front and back covers Whether you are new to MATLAB, new to version 7.0, or simply in need of a hands-on, to-the-point reference, MATLAB (R) Primer provides the tools you need in a conveniently sized, economically priced pocketbook.


ACCESSING MATLAB THE MATLAB DESKTOP Help Window Start Button Command Window Workspace Window Command History Window Array Editor Window Current Directory Window MATRICES AND MATRIX OPERATIONS Referencing Individual Entries Matrix Operators Matrix Division (Slash and Backslash) Entry-Wise Operators Relational Operators Complex Numbers Strings Other Data Types SUBMATRICES AND COLON NOTATION Generating Vectors Accessing Submatrices MATLAB FUNCTIONS Constructing Matrices Scalar Functions Vector Functions and Data Analysis Matrix Functions The linsolve Function The find Function CONTROL FLOW STATEMENTS The for Loop The while Loop The switch Statement The try/catch Statement Matrix Expressions (if and while) Infinite Loops M-FILES M-File Editor/Debugger Window Script Files Function Files Multiple Inputs and Outputs Variable Arguments Comments and Documentation MATLAB's Path ADVANCED M-FILE FEATURES Function Handles and Anonymous Functions Name Resolution Error and Warning Messages User Input Performance Measures Efficient Code CALLING C FROM MATLAB A Simple Example C Versus MATLAB Arrays A Matrix Computation in C MATLAB mx and mex Routines Online Help for MEX Routines Larger Examples on the Web CALLING FORTRAN FROM MATLAB Solving a Transposed System A Fortran mexFunction with %val If You Cannot Use %val CALLING JAVA FROM MATLAB A Simple Example Encryption/Decryption MATLAB's Java Class Path Calling Your Own Java Methods Loading a URL as a Matrix TWO-DIMENSIONAL GRAPHICS Planar Plots Multiple Figures Graph of a Function Parametrically Defined Curves Titles, Labels, and Text in a Graph Control of Axes and Scaling Multiple Plots Line Types, Marker Types, Colors Subplots and Specialized Plots Graphics Hard Copy THREE-DIMENSIONAL GRAPHS Curve Plots Mesh and Surface Plots Parametrically Defined Surfaces Volume and Vector Visualization Color Shading and Color Profile Perspective of View ADVANCED GRAPHICS Handle Graphics Graphical User Interface Images SPARSE MATRIX COMPUTATIONS Storage Modes Generating Sparse Matrices Computation with Sparse Matrices Ordering Methods Visualizing Matrices THE SYMBOLIC MATH TOOLBOX Symbolic Variables Calculus Variable Precision Arithmetic Numeric and Symbolic Substitution Algebraic Simplification Two-Dimensional Graphs Three Dimensional Surface Graphs Three-Dimensional Curves Symbolic Matrix Operations Symbolic Linear Algebraic Functions Solving Algebraic Equations Solving Differential Equations Further Maple Access POLYNOMIALS, INTERPOLATION, AND INTEGRATION Representing Polynomials Evaluating Polynomials Polynomial Interpolation Numeric Integration (Quadrature) SOLVING EQUATIONS Symbolic Equations Linear Systems of Equations Polynomial Roots Nonlinear Equations Ordinary Differential Equations Other Differential Equations DISPLAYING RESULTS CELL PUBLISHING CODE DEVELOPMENT TOOLS M-Lint Code Check Report TODO/FIXME Report Help Report Report Dependency Report File Comparison Report Profile and Coverage Report HELP TOPICS General Purpose Commands Operators and Special Characters Programming Language Constructs Elementary Matrices and Matrix Manipulation Elementary Math Functions Specialized Math Functions Matrix Functions-Numerical Linear Algebra Data Analysis, Fourier Transforms Interpolation and Polynomials Function Functions and ODEs Sparse Matrices Annotation and Plot Editing Two-Dimensional Graphs Three-Dimensional Graphs Specialized Graphs Handle Graphics Graphical User Interface Tools Character Strings Image and Scientific Data File Input/Output Audio and Video Support Time and Dates Data Types and Structures Version Control Creating and Debugging Code Help Commands Microsoft Windows Functions Examples and Demonstrations Preferences Symbolic Math Toolbox ADDITIONAL RESOURCES INDEX

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