Poverty and economic reforms : the social concerns


Poverty and economic reforms : the social concerns

edited by G.S. Aurora

Academic Foundation, 2004

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"Published by Academic Foundation in association with Institute for Social and Economic Change."

Summary: Contributed articles presented earlier at a seminar on rural poor in South Indian states and the influence of structural adjustment policies of Indian government post 1991

Includes bibliographical references and index

Includes statistical tables



This book is based on research carried out in a few villages in South India, when they were at the threshold of their economies and society being exposed to new economic order. The chief concern was to examine the impact of the economic reforms on the poor with a focus on levels and intensity of poverty, social dimensions of deprivation, food security and the role of MNCs. The research itself was carried out with the active involvement of voluntary organisations engaged in helping the poor to combat several evils including that of poverty. This volume brings together several essays by specialists such as, V.M. Rao, Thomas Paul, B.P. Vani, K. Gayithri, M. Indira, besides a co-authored essay by the late professor M.N. Srinivas.

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