Sol-gel technologies for glass producers and users


    • Aegerter, Michel A.
    • Mennig, Martin


Sol-gel technologies for glass producers and users

edited by Michel A. Aegerter and Martin Mennig

Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Sol-Gel Techniques for Glass Producers and Users provides technological information, descriptions and characterizations of prototypes, or products already on the market, and illustrates advantages and disadvantages of the sol-gel process in comparison to other methods. The first chapter entitled "Wet Chemical Technology" gives a summary of the basic principles of the sol-gel chemistry. The most promising applications are related to coatings. Chapter 2 describes the various "Wet Chemical Coating Technologies" from glass cleaning to many deposition and post-coating treatment techniques. These include patterning of coatings through direct or indirect techniques which have became very important and for which the sol-gel processing is particularly well adapted. Chapter 3 entitled "Bulk Glass Technologies" reports on the preparation of special glasses for different applications. Chapter 4 entitled "Coatings and Materials Properties" describes the properties of the different coatings and the sol-gel materials, fibers and powders. The chapter also includes a section dedicated to the characterization techniques especially applied to sol-gel coatings and products.


Editor's Preface List of Contributors 1: Wet Chemical Technology 2: Wet Chemical coating Technologies 2.1 Glass Substrates 2.2 Coating Techniques 2.3 Post-Coating Treatment Techniques 2.4 Patterning Techniques 3: Bulk Glass Technologies 4: Coating and Material Properties 4.1 Passive Coatings 4.2 Active Coatings 4.3 Gels, Bulk Materials, Fibers and Powders 4.4 Characterization 5: Subject Index 6: Annex 1. Important Internet Sites 2. Regular Conferences Hosting Sol-Gel Communications 3. Proceedings of Most Important Conferences and Books 4. Where to Find Publications and Reports 5. Market Studies 6. Research Groups and Who's Who in Sol-Gel Science and Technology 7. Companies Commercializing Sol-Gel Related Glass Products and Sol-Gel Products Useful for Glass Production and Organizations which Offer Developments in Sol-Gel Technology 8. Distributors/Manufacturers of Sol-Gel Related Chemical Precursors

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