Corporate entrepreneurship and venturing


Corporate entrepreneurship and venturing

edited by Tom Elfring

(International studies in entrepreneurship, 10)

Springer, c2005

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"A selection of papers from three relevant conferences. These are the Strategic Management Society and RENT conferences in the fall of 2001 and the Babson-Kauffman Entrepreneurship Research Conference in June 2002"--Pref

Includes bibliographical references and index



Corporate Entrepreneurship and Venturing is positioned at the crossroads of the strategy and entrepreneurship fields. The common theme is how and why corporate entrepreneurship and corporate venturing can contribute to innovation and strategic renewal in large established companies, in particular it explores ways to balance exploitation and exploration in established companies. The issue is how the locus of entrepreneurship affects the way corporate entrepreneurship addresses the exploitation/exploration challenge. In some chapters corporate entrepreneurship is dispersed across the organization and they examine the key elements of an entrepreneurial culture and the organizational conditions that are favorable to entrepreneurial initiatives. The other chapters contribute to the discussion on the potential role of corporate venturing which is separated from the main parts of the organization. They examine the advantages and disadvantages of corporate venture capital programs as particular forms of focused corporate entrepreneurship.


Dispersed and Focused Corporate Entrepreneurship: Ways to Balance Exploitation and Exploration.- Corporate Entrepreneurship Through Radical Innovation: Key Organization and Initiative Level Mechanisms.- Entrepreneurial Behavior in a Large Traditional Firm: Exploring Key Drivers.- Corporate Venture Capital: Realizing Resource Combinations and Transfers.- Corporate Venture Capitalists and Independent Venture Capitalists: What Do They Know, Who Do They Know, and Should Entrepreneurs Care?- Corporate Venture Capital Organizations in Germany: a Comparison.

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