Eco-refurbishment : a guide saving and produceng energy in the home


Eco-refurbishment : a guide saving and produceng energy in the home

Peter F. Smith

Architectural Press, 2003

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This clear and accessible guide provides a comprehensive outline on how to convert your house into a more 'green' home. Buildings are the greates energy wasters and for those of us concerned about the environment, and household bills, this book presents the key design changes that we can implement to our own homes to remedy energy loss. This title covers the full range of design chanegs that are available to the homeowner and designer for renovation, from the roof to the basement, from insulation to windows. It also feature a selection of case studies illustrating the experiences of other homeowners and designers and how they have adapted and used the technology available to them in creating an energy efficient home. This is a practical, hands-on guide, ideal for architects, designers and homeowners.


  • Introduction by Paul Hyett, ex-President of the Royal Institute of British Architects
  • Chapter 1: Homes for the future from the past
  • Chapter 2: Insulation Options
  • Chapter 3: The Building Fabric - roofs and lofts
  • Chapter 4: The Building Fabric - external walls and floors
  • Chapter 5: Draught Proofing and ventilation
  • Chapter 6: Heating
  • Chapter 7: Alternatives to Conventional Heating
  • Chapter 8: Domestic Hot Water
  • Chapter 9: Lighting
  • Chapter 10: The home as micro-power station
  • Chapter 11: Water and energy and conservation in appliances
  • Chapter 12: Materials
  • Chapter 13: Waste disposal and recycling
  • Chapter 14: The wider context. Appendix: A Case Study
  • References
  • Index.

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