Primer of biostatistics


Primer of biostatistics

Stanton A. Glantz

McGraw-Hill Medical Pub. Division, c2005

6th ed

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Includes index



Extremely popular, this student-friendly text presents the practical areas of statistics in terms of their relevance to medicine and the life sciences. It includes many illustrative examples and challenging problems that reinforce the author's unique and intuitive approach to the subject. The new edition features a new two-color design, examples taken from current biomedical literature, and review questions within each chapter.


Summary of Some Statistical Methods to Test Hypotheses Location of Tables for Tests of Significance Preface 1. Biostatistics and Clinical Practice 2. How to Summarize Data 3. How to Test for Differences Between Groups 4. The Special Case of Two Groups: The t Test 5. How to Analyze Rates an Proportions 6. What Does "Not Significant" Really Mean? 7. Confidence Intervals 8. How to Test for Trends 9. Experiments When Each Subject Receives More than One Treatment 10. Alternatives to Analysis of Variance and the t Test Based on Ranks 11. How to Analyze Survival Data 12. What Do the Data Really Show? Index

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