Business marketing : connecting strategy, relationships, and learning



Business marketing : connecting strategy, relationships, and learning

F. Robert Dwyer, John F. Tanner, Jr

(Irwin/McGraw-Hill series in marketing)(McGraw-Hill international editions)(McGraw-Hill higher education)

McGraw-Hill/Irwin, c2006

3rd ed., international ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 652-660) and index



This text is targeted at the undergraduate Business Marketing course. It introduces the concepts of marketing to businesses and stresses the importance of building relationships with customers.


Part I: Business Markets and Business Marketing Chapter 1 Introduction to Business Marketing Chapter 2 The Character of Business Marketing Chapter 3 The Purchasing Function Chapter 4 Organizational Buyer Behavior Part II: Foundations for Creating Value Chapter 5 Market Opportunities: Current & Potential Customers Chapter 6 Marketing Strategy Chapter 7 Weaving Marketing into the Fabric of the FirmPart III: Business Marketing Programming Chapter 8 Developing and Managing Products: What Do Customers Want? Chapter 9 Business Marketing Channels: Partnerships for Customer Service Chapter 10 Creating Customer Dialogue Chapter 11 Communicating with the Market: Advertising, Public Relations, & Trade Shows Chapter 12 The One-To-One Media Chapter 13 Sales and Sales Management Chapter 14 Pricing & Negotiating for Value Part IV: Managing Programs and Customers Chapter 15 Evaluating Marketing Efforts Chapter 16 Customer Retention and MaximizationCases 1. Bama Pie, Ltd 2. BGH-Motorola 3. Calox (A) (B) 4. Daynor Chemical Company 5. ExhibitsPlus 6. Fleury Equipment de Batiment 7. JC Decaux 8. 9. Li & Fung Limited 10. Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems 11. Majsperk (A) (B) (C) 12. Metropol Base -- Fort Security Group 13. Northcrest Salmon 14. Outdoor Sporting Products, Inc. 15. Pfizer, Inc. Animal Health Products (A) (B) 16. SPC Products 17. Texas Instruments 18. Whole Tree Energy 19. Wind Technology 20. Xerox

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