Household economics and the Asian family


Household economics and the Asian family

edited by Euston Quah & David Lee

(Economics & policy studies)

Eastern University Press, 2004

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"First published 1996 by Times Academic Press, reprinted 1998, re-issued 2004 by Eastern Universities Press"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



Household economics is a branch of economics which has risen in importance in recent years because of its implications for economic policy. In the context of Asia, it is particularly significant because of the belief that Asian culture, with its emphasis on core family values, will play a central role in the economic development of Asian countries. This book, through a series of collected articles, explores the relationship between household economics, the family, and the emergence of strong Asian economies. The approach is unique in that it emphasises an economic rather than a sociological perspective. Characteristics of Asian economies which are ignored or excluded in traditional analytical models are taken into account and dealt with, thereby constructing new models which incorporate modified assumptions consistent with modern Asian families and economies. This reissue features a new introduction by the editors. READERSHIP: Academics, economists, policy-makers and administrators, and those interested in the study of economics.

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