The nature of play : great apes and humans


The nature of play : great apes and humans

edited by Anthony D. Pellegrini, Peter K. Smith

Guilford Press, c2005

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The nature of play

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This uniquely integrative volume brings together leading experts in developmental psychology and animal behavior to provide a new perspective on the nature and functions of play. In an introductory chapter, distinguished ethologist Patrick Bateson describes how youthful exploration and games contribute to both individual development and group survival--not only in humans, but in other species as well. Parallel chapters then examine social play, object play, and pretend play in humans and great apes, providing a broader context for understanding why human children behave the way they do. While much of the knowledge on human play comes from industrialized Western societies, the book also features important chapters on hunter-gatherer and pastoral cultures. Throughout, a rich array of black-and-white photographs and other illustrations enliven this authoritative work.


I. Background and Theory 1. Play in Great Apes and Humans, Anthony D. Pellegrini and Peter K. Smith 2. The Role of Play in the Evolution of Great Apes and Humans, Patrick Bateson II. Social Play 3. Social Play in the Great Apes, Kerrie P. Lewis 4. Rough-and-Tumble Play in Humans, Douglas P. Fry III. Object Play 5. Object Play in Great Apes: Studies in Nature and Captivity, Jacklyn K. Ramsey and William C. McGrew 6. Boys' and Girls' Uses of Objects for Exploration, Play, and Tools in Early Childhood, Anthony D. Pellegrini and Kathy Gustafson IV. Fantasy 7. Fantasy Play in Apes, Juan-Carlos Gomez and Beatriz Martin-Andrade 8. Social and Pretend Play in Children, Peter K. Smith V. Hunter-Gatherers and Pastoral Peoples 9. Play in Hunter-Gatherer Society, Yumi Gosso, Emma Otta, Maria de Lima Salum e Morais, Fernando Jose Leite Ribeiro, and Vera Silvia Raad Bussab 10. Farming, Foraging, and Children's Play in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, John Bock VI. Conclusion 11. Play in Great Apes and Humans: Reflections on Continuities and Discontinuities, Peter K. Smith and Anthony D. Pellegrini

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