Persons and passions : essays in honor of Annette Baier


Persons and passions : essays in honor of Annette Baier

edited by Joyce Jenkins, Jennifer Whiting, and Christopher Williams

University of Notre Dame Press, c2005

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Persons and passions : an introduction / Christopher Williams
  • What are the passions doing in the meditations? / Lisa Shapiro
  • Love in the ruins : passion in Descartes' meditations / William Beardsley
  • The passionate intellect : reading the (non-)opposition of reason and emotion in Descartes / Amy Morgan Schmitter
  • Material falsity and the arguments for God's existence in Descartes' meditations / Cecilia Wee
  • Reason unhinged : passion and precipice from Montaigne to Hume / Saul Traiger
  • Reflection and ideas in Hume's account of the passions / Lilli Alanen
  • Sympathy and the unity of Hume's idea of self / Donald Ainslie
  • Hume's voyage / Janet Broughton
  • Artifice, desire, and their relationship : Hume against Aristotle / Alasdair MacIntyre
  • Hume and morality's "useful purpose" / David Gauthier
  • Reflection and well-being / Robert Shaver
  • Friendship and the law of reason : Baier and Kant on love and principles / Sergio Tenenbaum
  • Cruelty, respect, and unsentimental love / Michele Moody-Adams
  • Trust as an affective attitude / Karen Jones
  • Trusting "first" and "second" selves : Aristotelian reflections on Virginia Woolf and Anntete Baier / Jennifer Whiting



The essays in this collection, written in honor of noted philosopher Annette Baier, reflect the influence of her work in the area of philosophical naturalism. Naturalism has ethical and epistemological implications that often run contrary to the rationalist tendencies of academic philosophy. These essays collectively examine the four main themes of Baier's naturalism: a general resistance to thinking of persons atomistically, the importance of trust between persons and the mutual dependence of persons, the positive role of emotions in human judgment, and the modes of self-correction available to persons so conceived. Many of the contributors to this volume take a historical approach, dealing particularly with Descartes and Hume. Others develop Baier's naturalistic themes for feminist philosophical purposes. All of these essays offer original, and sometimes polemical, insights into the history of philosophy. This collection will be welcomed by philosophers, ethicists, feminists, and political theorists.

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