EU anti-discrimination law


EU anti-discrimination law

Evelyn Ellis

(Oxford EC law library)

Oxford University Press, 2005

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"EU Anti-Discrimination Law" provides a critical analysis of the current body of EU law prohibiting discrimination on the grounds of sex, part-time and temporary working, racial and ethnic origin, religion and belief, disability, age, and sexual orientation. Ellis begins by examining the objectives underpinning the notions of non-discrimination and equality, and by setting out the essential characteristics of EU law. The book then moves on to consider key concepts including direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, positive action, and mainstreaming. Ellis analyses in depth the principle of equal pay (including its application to pensions) and the principle of equal treatment (including its application to pregnancy and maternity), and explores the law prohibiting discrimination in relation to social security. The scope and enforcement of the Race Directive and the Framework Directive (Council Directive of 27th November 2000 establishing a General Framework for Equal Treatment in Employment and Occupation), and the contribution of the European Convention on Human Rights to the law forbidding discrimination are examined. The part played by other instruments for the protection of human rights and by the Charter of Fundamental Rights contained within the draft Constitution of the European Union are considered.


  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Essential Characteristics of EU Law
  • 3. Key Concepts in EU Anti-Discrimination Law
  • 4. Equal Pay
  • 5. The Scope and Enforcement of the Anti-Discrimination Provisions
  • 6. Exceptions to the Non-Discrimination Principle
  • 7. General Principles and Equal Treatment
  • 8. Equality in Social Security

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