What a world : amazing stories from around the globe


What a world : amazing stories from around the globe

Milada Broukal

Longman, c2004-

  • 2 : pbk. + audio CDs
  • 3 : pbk


What a world

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Volume 1 has 1 audio CD; v. 2 has 2 audio CDs (sound discs)

Includes index



3 : pbk ISBN 9780130484659


What do you know about: *the Samurai? *CyberAngels? *the Inca Empire? *Mount Everest? What a World: Amazing Stories from Around the Globe, by Milada Broukal, is a three-book series that explores these and many other fascinating topics from around the world and across history. Each unit opens with a question that is answered in the reading and continues with vocabulary, comprehension, discussion, writing, and spelling and punctuation work. Features *Words that Go Together activities highlight collocations -- words that are easier to learn together. *Grammar and Punctuation activities provide basic rules and practice for essential skills. *Self-tests help students and teachers assess progress. See also What a World 1 and What a World 2.


Unit 1 What Is the Legend of King Arthur? Unit 2 Why Did the Inca Empire Disappear? Unit 3 How Do Hindus Celebrate the Diwali Festival? Unit 4 What Is the Story Behind The 1,001 Arabian Nights? Unit 5 Who Were the Samurai? Unit 6 What Does Hair Tell Us About People? Unit 7 How Did Chopsticks Originate? Unit 8 Where Did Certain Wedding Customs Come From? Self-Test 1 Units 1-8 Unit 9 Who Are the CyberAngels? Unit 10 Why Do People Want to Climb Mount Everest? Unit 11 Why is the Renaissance Important? Unit 12 What Is the Most Popular Sport in the World? Unit 13 How Did Convicts Help Settle Australia? Unit 14 How Do Greetings Differ Around the World? Unit 15 Why Is Napoleon Famous? Unit 16 Who Invented the World Wide Web? Self-Test 2 Units 9-16 Appendices Word List Map of the World Index to Grammar and Punctuation Activities

2 : pbk. + audio CDs ISBN 9780131849235


Features: Pre-reading questions and activities.Topic-related vocabulary exercises. Comprehension check and reading skills exercises. Discussion and writing activities. Spelling and punctuation rules and practice. Self-tests to assess progress. Accompanying Audio CDs for What A World 1 and 2 allow students to listen at home or in class.


Unit 1 Who Is the Most Important Person from History? Unit 2 What Are Fattening Rooms? Unit 3 Where Do People Celebrate Girls' Day and Boy's Day? Unit 4 Why Is Marco Polo Famous? Unit 5 Who Reached the South Pole First? Unit 6 What Is the Royal Flying Doctor Service? Unit 7 How Did the Egyptians Make Mummies? Unit 8 Why Is Louis Pasteur Important? Unit 9 Who Is Nasreddin Hodja? Self-Test 1 Units 1-9 Unit 10 What Did the Ancient Mayans Believe In? Unit 11 How Do Koreans Celebrate a Wedding? Unit 12 Why Are Sumo Wrestlers So Fat? Unit 13 Who Is Stephen King? Unit 14 What Is the Story Behind the Bed? Unit 15 How Did the Spanish Conquer the Aztecs? Unit 16 Why Are the Williams Sisters Good at Tennis? Unit 17 Where Is Timbuktu? Unit 18 Where Do the Most Vegetarians Live? Self-Test 2 Units 10-18 Appendices Word List Map of the World Index to the Spelling and Punctuation Activities

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