Selling women short : the landmark battle for workers' rights at Wal-Mart


    • Featherstone, Liza


Selling women short : the landmark battle for workers' rights at Wal-Mart

Liza Featherstone

Basic Books, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [261]-267) and index



The groundbreaking expos of how America's largest employer systematically deprives its female workers of promotions, pay, and job assignments- and how the women themselves are about to change history. In their commercials, Wal-Mart portrays smiling women delighted with their job opportunities. But reality is another story. In 2000, Betty Dukes, a 52-year-old black woman in Pittsburg, California, filed a claim against her company after years of discriminatory treatment. She soon learned that her experiences were not unique, but in fact shared by women all over the country. Betty became the lead plaintiff in Dukes vs Wal-Mart Stores, a class action representing 1.4 million women. In her explosive investigation of this historic lawsuit, renowned journalist Liza Featherstone reveals how the self-styled "family-oriented," Christian company: Deprives women of the training they need to advance--72 per cent of its workforce is female, but men hold 90 per cent of its management positions. Relegates women to lower-paying jobs like selling baby clothes, reserving the more lucrative positions for men. Discriminates at every level: there is only one woman among the retail giant's top 20 office

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