Fifty signs of mental illness : a guide to understanding mental health


    • Hicks, James Whitney


Fifty signs of mental illness : a guide to understanding mental health

James Whitney Hicks

(Yale University Press health & wellness)

Yale University Press, c2005

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50 signs of mental illness

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ISBN 9780300106572


This compelling book introduces a wide range of psychiatric symptoms and their treatments. Written for anyone concerned about his or her own mental health or about symptoms observed in family members or clients, the book is packed with useful and reassuring information. It is both easy to read and difficult to put down. The volume presents fifty signs that may - or may not - signal mental illness. Arranged alphabetically, the signs include everything from anger to sexual preoccupations, from cravings to obsessions. Dr. James W. Hicks, a highly regarded psychiatrist with extensive clinical experience, begins each topic with a vignette to illustrate the symptom. He explains how a specific sign can be caused by several different illnesses and may even be a normal response to stress. And he outlines available treatments as well as strategies for coping with each symptom. Nearly one in three individuals experiences psychiatric symptoms each year. This book clarifies the significance of such signs and guides its readers toward appropriate treatment choices. It is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking a more informed perspective on mental illness. Fifty Signs discusses these and more: antisocial behaviour - anxiety - appetite disturbances - compulsions - deceitfulness - delusions - denial - depression - euphoria - fatigue - flashbacks - grief - hallucinations - identity confusion - intoxication - jealousy - mania - memory loss - mood swings -nonsensical speech - obsessions - panic - paranoia - self-mutilation - sexual preoccupations - sleep problems - sloppiness - suicidal thoughts

: pbk. ISBN 9780300116946


Anger, fatigue, obsessions, memory loss, sexual performance problems, suicidal thoughts. Are these signs of mental illness? How can you tell? Should you consult your physician? This reassuring book is for anyone seeking to understand their own symptoms or those of a loved one. "A smart, alphabetically arranged layperson's guide to common symptoms."-Gregory Mott, Washington Post "Each of us has experienced one or several of the various forms of emotional distress described in this enormously helpful book--and who has not worried about their meaning and sometimes wondered whether, or how, to seek treatment? Finally, here is the book that answers every question lucidly, directly and authoritatively."- Sherwin B. Nuland, M.D., author of Lost In America: A Journey With My Father and How We Die "This resource on the symptoms of mental illness and their treatment is a solid gem."-Library Journal

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