Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in Britain : transplantaition, development and adaptation


    • Kay, David N.


Tibetan and Zen Buddhism in Britain : transplantaition, development and adaptation

David N. Kay

(Critical studies in Buddhism)

RoutledgeCurzon, 2004

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 242-249) and index



This book analyses the transplantation, development and adaptation of the two largest Tibetan and Zen Buddhist organizations currently active on the British religious landscape: the New Kadampa Tradition (NKT) and the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC). The key contributions of recent scholarship are evaluated and organised thematically to provide a framework for analysis, and the history and current landscape of contemporary Tibetan and Zen Buddhist practice in Britain are also mapped out. A number of patterns and processes identified elsewhere are exemplified, although certain assumptions made about the nature of 'British Buddhism' are subjected to critical scrutiny and challenged.


  • Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations List of Illustrations PART ONE: REVIEW AND CONTEXTUALISATION 1. Buddhism in Britain: Review and Contextualisation: Introduction
  • Buddhism and British Culture
  • The Impact of Buddhism on British Culture
  • The Appeal of Buddhism
  • The Impact of British Culture on Buddhism
  • The Transplantation Process
  • Material Conditions
  • Trans-Cultural Processes
  • The Nature of the Incoming Tradition
  • Policies and Patterns of Adaptation
  • Policies and Patterns
  • The Question of Authenticity
  • Contextualising the NKT and OBC
  • The British Buddhist Context
  • Tibetan Buddhism in Britain
  • Zen Buddhism in Britain PART TWO: THE NEW KADAMPA TRADITION 2. The New Kadampa Tradition: Background and Cross-Cultural Context: Introduction: Contextualising the NKT
  • Divisions within the Gelug Tradition
  • The Dorje Shugden Controversy 3. The Emergence of the NKT in Britain: Introduction
  • Gelug Buddhism in the West: The FPMT
  • Geshe Kelsang Gyatso
  • Problems at the Priory
  • Geshe Kelsang's Network Takes Shape
  • Dorje Shugden Reliance in Geshe Kelsang's Centres
  • The Crystalisation of the New Kadampa Tradition
  • The Creation and Announcement of the NKT 4. The Identity of the NKT: Introduction
  • History and Identity Construction in the NKT
  • The NKT's Organisational Structure
  • Purity and Impurity
  • Critique of Contemporary Buddhist Practice
  • NKT Exclusivism
  • The Missionary Imperative
  • Engagement and Dialogue
  • Adaptation within the NKT
  • Dorje Shugden Reliance
  • Crisis and Response: The Dorje Shugden Affair
  • A Rejection of Modernity?
  • The FPMT Re-visited PART THREE: THE ORDER OF BUDDHIST CONTEMPLATIVES 5. The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives: Background and Early Development: Introduction: Contextualising the OBC
  • The Emergence of the Zen Mission Society
  • The Ideological Development of the ZMS, 1962-1976
  • Aspects of Kennett's Zen
  • Buddhism and Western Culture
  • Buddhism and Gender
  • The Adaptation of Zen for the West
  • A Protestant Form of Zen?
  • Religious Innovation and Charisma 6. The Lotus Blossom Period, 1976-1983: Introduction
  • Zen Buddhism and Meditative Experience
  • Kennett's Religious Experience: Preliminary Considerations
  • The Phenomenology of Kennett's Experience
  • A Contextual Explanation
  • Developments and Innovations
  • Assimilation and Rejection
  • Strategies and Arguments
  • Text and Context in the OBC: The Wild, White Goose
  • The Storm Weathered 7. The Later Period: Routinisation and Consolidation: The Routinising Impulse
  • The Structure and Identity of the OBC
  • Kennett's Later Teachings
  • Assimilation and Stability in the Later Period
  • Growth and Consolidation in Britain
  • The OBC and the British Buddhist Context PART FOUR: EPILOGUE AND CONCLUSION 8. Epilogue and Conclusion: Recent Developments in the NKT
  • Recent Developments in the OBC
  • Buddhism and British Culture
  • The Transplantation Process
  • Policies and Patterns of Adaptation
  • Constructing History and Resolving Conflict
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

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