Introduction to emotional and behavioral disorders : recognizing and managing problems in classroom


    • Jensen, Mary M.


Introduction to emotional and behavioral disorders : recognizing and managing problems in classroom

Mary M. Jensen

Pearson/Merrill Prentice Hall, c2005

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For courses in Introduction to Emotional/Behavioral Disorders or Behavior Management for students with E/BD. Focusing on today's realities in the schools and in society, this practical text will assist general and special education teachers in preschool through Grade 12 to recognize inappropriate conduct that may lead to academic underachievement and emotional/ behavioral problems. A knowledge of the symptoms of such behavioral disorders can lead to appropriate interventions that reduce problem behavior, increase socially acceptable behavior, and improve academic performance-without ineffective punishment. Coverage examines common disorders such as autism and ADD/ADHD, along with such conditions as Tourette syndrome, gangs, eating disorders, depression, and others that may lead to learning and behavioral problems. The author presents the characteristics of each disorder, offers observable behaviors and assessment methods, and suggests positive, proactive classroom management strategies designed to teach appropriate replacement skills for undesirable behaviors.


I. FOUNDATIONAL ISSUES. 1. Overview of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. 2. Assessment Methods for E/BD. 3. Educational Placement Options. II. SOCIAL, CULTURAL, AND ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES. 4. Prenatal Drug and Alcohol Exposure. 5. Substance Abuse in Youths and Adolescents. 6. School Violence. 7. Characteristics and Identification Strategies of Youth Gang Members. III. CATEGORIES OF INTERNALIZED DISORDERS. 8. Anxiety Disorders. 9. Depression and Suicide. 10. Eating Disorders. IV. CATEGORIES OF EXTERNALIZED DISORDERS. 11. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD). 12. Tourette Syndrome. 13. Conduct Disorder. V. CATEGORIES OF PERVASIVE DEVELOPMENTAL DISORDERS. 14. Autism Spectrum Disorders and Schizophrenia. VI. THE FUTURE OF SPECIAL EDUCATION. 15. Best Practices for Working with Students with E/BD.

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