Biomedical instrumentation : technology and applications


    • Khandpur, Raghbir Singh


Biomedical instrumentation : technology and applications

R.S. Khandpur

McGraw-Hill, c2005

  • alk. paper

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Previously published: New Delhi : Tata McGraw-Hill, c2003

Includes bibliographical references (p. [885]-901) and index

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Engineers and technicians are increasingly needed to design, maintain, and operate biomedical devices This text rigorously covers the full range of biomedical instruments ranging from physiology to diagnostic and therapeutic devices in medical imaging systems. Includes fundamentals of medical instrumentation, bioelectric signals and electrodes and modern imaging systems and therapeutic equipment.


Part One: Measuring, Recording and Monitoring Instruments Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Medical Instrumentation Chapter 2: Bioelectric Signals and Electrodes Chapter 3: Physiological Transducers Chapter 4: Recording Systems Chapter 5: Biomedical Recorders Chapter 6: Patient Monitoring Systems Chapter 7: Arrhythmia and Ambulatory Monitoring Instruments Chapter 8: Foetal Monitoring Instruments Chapter 9: Biomedical Telemetry and Telemedicine Chapter 10: Oximeters Chapter 11: Blood Flowmeters Chapter 12: Cardiac Output Measurement Chapter 13: Pulmonary Function Analysers Chapter 14: Clinical Laboratory Instruments Chapter 15: Blood Gas Analyzers Chapter 16: Blood Cell Counters Chapter 17: Audiometers and Hearing Aids Chapter 18: Patient Safety Part Two: Modern Imaging Systems Chapter 19: X-ray Machines and Digital Radiography Chapter 20: X-ray Computed Tomography Chapter 21: Nuclear Medical Imaging Systems Chapter 22: Magnetic Resonance Imaging System Chapter 23: Ultrasonic Imaging System Chapter 24: Thermal Imaging System Part Three: Therapeutic Equipment Chapter 25: Cardiac Pacemakers Chapter 26: Cardiac Defibrillators Chapter 27: Instruments for Surgery Chapter 28: Laser Applications in Biomedical Field Chapter 29: Physiotherapy and Electrotherapy Equipment Chapter 30: Haemodialysis Machines Chapter 31: Lithotriptors Chapter 32: Anaesthesia Machine Chapter 33: Ventilators Chapter 34: Radiotherapy Equipment Chapter 35: Automated Drug Delivery Systems REFERENCES INDEX

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