Multilateral diplomacy and the United Nations today


    • Muldoon, James P.
    • Aviel, Joann Fagot
    • Reitano, Richard
    • Sullivan, Earl


Multilateral diplomacy and the United Nations today

edited by James P. Muldoon, Jr. ... [et al.]

Westview Press, c2005

2nd ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Another editors: Joann Fagot Aviel, Richard Reitano and Earl Sullivan


  • The evolution of multilateral diplomacy / JoAnn Fagot Aviel
  • The diplomat at the United Nations: yesterday and today / Don Mills
  • The journey of an Iraqi diplomat: from bilateral to multilateral diplomacy and on to the United Nations Secretariat / Amer Araim
  • The United Nations through the eyes of a Russian ambassador / Sergey Lavrov
  • The United Nations: dealing with threats to the peace in the twenty-first century / Earl Sullivan
  • The humanitarian responsibilities of the UN Security Council: ensuring the security of people / Juan Somavia
  • Intervening to prevent state collapse: the role of the United Nations / I. William Zartman
  • The challenges of the global economy for multilateral diplomacy / James P. Muldoon, Jr.
  • International economic diplomacy at the United Nations / Henk-Jan Brinkman
  • Private-sector diplomacy: the role of business in international economic affairs / Jeremy S. Taylor
  • The United Nations in an era of globalization / S. Azmat Hassan
  • NGOs and international affairs / JoAnn Fagot Aviel
  • The common ground approach: a case study of an NGO / Gayle Meyers, Megan McIlwain, and Stephanie Hertz
  • Environmental organizations and multilateral diplomacy: a case study of the Earth negotiations bulletin / Pamela Chasek
  • Women's organizations and the United Nations / Carolyn M. Stephenson
  • Multilateral diplomacy, summits, and the United Nations / Richard Reitano
  • Multilateral diplomacy: a view from the UN / Rienk W. Terpstra
  • Citizen diplomacy / Shelton L. Williams
  • North-South issues at the 2002 Monterrey Conference on Finance for Development: plus ça change ...? / Jacques Fomerand
  • Multilateral diplomacy in the twenty-first century / Earl Sullivan
  • Multilateral diplomacy in a time of "relative" sovereignty / Chen Luzhi
  • New directions of multilateral diplomacy: the changing roles of state and nonstate actors in diplomatic practice / Richard Langhorne
  • Multilateral diplomacy and the United Nations in the aftermath of 9/11 / Richard Reitano and Caleb Elfenbein



As the world confronts new and ongoing challenges of globalization, international terrorism and an array of other global issues, the United Nations and its key attribute-multilateral diplomacy-are more important now than ever before. With new and updated essays that detail the experiences of a diverse group of practitioners and scholars who work in the field of diplomacy, this new edition covers in even greater breadth and depth the quintessential characteristics of multilateral diplomacy as it is conducted within the United Nations framework. Multilateral Diplomacy and the United Nations Today provides valuable insights from a variety of perspectives on how diplomacy is practiced, making it essential reading for aspiring diplomats, international business leaders, and students of all levels. The contributors to this volume bring a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to the examination of five areas of multilateral diplomacy: UN diplomacy, crisis diplomacy, international economic diplomacy, UN summits and "citizen diplomats," and non-governmental diplomacy. A thorough revision: of the 24 chapters, eight are new to this edition, and all the others are updated. Includes a diverse range of contributors: veteran diplomats, respected scholars, non-governmental activists. Relevant, timely discussion topics related to the UN. An important supplemental text to any course on the UN, contemporary international relations, diplomacy, and international organizations.

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