Autistic spectrum disorders in children


    • Gupta, Vidya Bhushan


Autistic spectrum disorders in children

edited by Vidya Bhushan Gupta

(Pediatric habilitation, v. 12)

Marcel Dekker, c2004

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Impeccably researched and written by a nationally known team of specialists from neurodevelopmental pediatrics, psychology, epidemiology, education, occupational therapy, and speech therapy backgrounds, "Autistic Spectrum Disorders in Children" presents a multidisciplinary profile of autism and pervasive developmental disorders in children. Tracing the history of autism and tracking the latest research on its causation and neurological basis, this volume offers both traditional medical and complementary and alternative medicine approaches-as well as reliable methods for assessing treatment efficacy


History, Definition, and Classification of Pervasive Developmental Disorders Vidya B. Gupta The Epidemiology of Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders Tanya Karapurkar, Nora Lee, Laura Kresch Curran, Craig Newschaffer, and Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp Etiology of Autism Vidya B. Gupta Neurological Basis of Autism (Pathophysiology of Autism) Vidya B. Gupta Early Clinical Characteristics of Children with Autism Chris Plauche Johnson Screening and Diagnosis for Autistic Spectrum Disorders Pasquale Accardo Informing, Educating, and Supporting the Family Alfred L. Scherzer Behavioral and Educational Interventions for Young Children with Autism John M. Suozzi Communication Disorders in Children with Autism: Characteristics, Assessment, Treatment Elaine Dolgin Schneider Sensory Integration and Occupational Therapy Intervention for Autistic Spectrum Disorders Pat Stevens, Sallie Tidman, and Kari Glasgow

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