Ancient astronomy : an encyclopedia of cosmologies and myth


Ancient astronomy : an encyclopedia of cosmologies and myth

Clive Ruggles

ABC-CLIO, c2005

  • acid-free paper
  • eBook

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Includes bibliographical references and index



An authoritative introduction to the fascinating topic of archaeoastronomy-ancient peoples' understanding and use of the skies. * Over 200 A-Z entries covering broad definitions and concepts, case studies from five continents, themes and issues, objects in the sky as the focus of myth, basic concepts, and influential people * Vibrant illustrations including the stone circles at Avebury, comets, novae, and meteors * Simple, jargon-free explanations of basic astronomical concepts * Over 40 images including the Stonehenge Heelstone at dawn; the Cosmic Axis at the Forbidden City, Beijing; the Temple of the Sun at Teotihuacan; Ahu Huri at Urenga, Easter Island; the Aboriginal stone configuration at Lake Bolac, Victoria, Australia; and more

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