Geographies of modernism : literatures, cultures, spaces


Geographies of modernism : literatures, cultures, spaces

edited by Peter Brooker and Andrew Thacker

Routledge, 2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [167]-178) and index



One of the most pivotal developments in contemporary literary and cultural studies is the investigation of space and geography, a trend which is proving particularly important for modernist studies. This volume explores the interface between modernism and geography in a range of writers, texts and artists across the twentieth century. Cross-disciplinary essays test and extend a variety of methodological approaches and reveal the reach of this topic into every corner of modernist scholarship. From Imagist poetry and the Orient to teashops and modernism in London, or from mapping and belonging in James Joyce or Joseph Conrad to the space of new media artists, this remarkable volume offers fresh, invigorating research that ranges across the field of modernism. It also serves to identify the many exciting new directions that future studies may take. With groundbreaking essays from an international team of highly-regarded scholars, Geographies of Modernism is an important step forward in literary and cultural studies.


List of illustrations, Notes on contributors, Acknowledgements, Introduction: locating the modern, 1 Geographies of modernism in a globalizing world, 2 Russia and the invention of the modernist intelligentsia, 3 'Mad after foreign notions': Ezra Pound, Imagism and the geography of the Orient, 4 Modernism, Africa and the myth of continents, 5 Spatial stories: Joseph Conrad and James Joyce, 6 The interior: Benjaminian arcades, Conradian passages, and the 'impasse' of Jean Rhys, 7 'A Savage from the Cannibal islands': Jean Rhys and London, 8 Voyages by teashop: an urban geography of modernism, 9 The case of Marcel Duchamp: the artist as traveller and geographer, 10 'A sense, through the eyes, of embracing possession' (Henry James): Bird's-eye views of New York City, 1880s-1930s, 11 Memory, geography, identity: African writing and modernity, 12 'Architecture or revolution'? Le Corbusier and Wyndham Lewis, 13 Rem Koolhaas: from Manhattan to the city of exacerbated difference, 14 Flannery, References, Index

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