Using the Internet in healthcare


    • Tyrrell, Stuart


Using the Internet in healthcare

Stuart Tyrrell

(Harnessing health information series, no. 7)

Radcliffe Medical Press, c2002

2nd ed

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Includes bibliographies and index



Harnessing Health Information Series Series Editor: Michael Rigby The new edition of this highly successful book explains each aspect of the internet in a straightforward way and reflects the recent changes in this fast-moving field. It contains all the latest developments as well as reviewing and refreshing all the online resources cited and it includes a beginner's guide to website design and to identifying useful sites. Using the Internet in Healthcare provides clear explanations of the origins of the internet and its workings email and the World Wide Web. It gives practical advice on how the internet can aid doctors nurses and managers in their daily work and shows how an organisation can harness the internet to co-ordinate its own business and keep its staff informed. With clear explanations authoritative sources and a wide scope it will continue to appeal to all health professionals using the internet. For more information on other titles in this series please click here


History of the internet * E-mail * The world wide web * Searching the web * Surfing and sifting * Validity and security * Other services * Internet service providers * Intranet * The intranet as an organisational communications medium: case study * Web page design * The future of the internet *

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