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Peggy Kamuf

(Meridian : crossing aesthetics / Werner Hamacher & David E. Wellbery, editors)

Stanford University Press, 2005

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This book consists of a series of essays that all turn around questions of the address of speech or writing. They argue and demonstrate that meaning is not just a matter of the active intention of a subject (for example, speaker, writer, or other signatory of a meaningful act) but also of its reception at another's address. The book's main concern is therefore with a theory of meaning and of action that is not centered on the intentional, self-conscious subject. The fifteen chapters explore this problematic within three broad areas: love, jealousy, and sexual difference; fiction or literature; and political or public discourse. The book engages principally with contemporary French thought and includes important new readings of work by Jacques Derrida, Helene Cixous, Maurice Blanchot, and Jean-Luc Nancy.

Table of Contents

@fmct:Contents @toc4:Acknowledgments 0 @toc2:Introduction: Disavowals (A Foreword) 0 @toc1:Home Address Unknown (love, jealousy, sexual difference) @toc2:1 Deconstruction and Love 00 2 Deconstruction and Feminism: A Repetition 00 3 Jealousy Wants Proof 00 4 The Other Sexual Difference 00 5 The Sacrifice of Sarah 00 6 To Give Place: Semi-Approaches to Helene Cixous 00 @toc1:Fictions of Address @toc2:7 "Fiction" and the Experience of the Other 00 8 The Experience of Deconstruction 00 9 Deconstruction Reading Politics: Democracy's Fiction (Everything, Anything, and Nothing at All) 00 10 The Other Fiction 00 11 Syringe (at the point) 00 @toc1:Public Address Systems @toc2:12 The Ghosts of Critique and Deconstruction 00 13 The Haunts of Scholarship 000 14 Derrida on Television, or "Applied Derrida" 000 15 Singular Sense, Second Hand 000 Afterword: On Leaving No Address, by Branka Arsi? 000 @toc4:Notes 000 Index 000

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