Mathematics for elementary school teachers


Mathematics for elementary school teachers

Phares O'Daffer ... [et al.]

Pearson Addison Wesley, c2005

3rd ed

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 826) and index



This text provides a unique opportunity for pre-service teachers to develop a clear understanding of the mathematical concepts, procedures, and processes they will be called on to teach. What makes this text unique is its careful balance between what to teach (content and concepts), and how to teach (processes and communication), so that students will not only know the math skills, but understand the concepts deeply enough to teach the material effectively to others.


Prologue. 1. Mathematical Processes. Communicating Mathematically.Reasoning Mathematically.Mathematics as Problem Solving.2. Sets and Whole-Number Operations and Properties. Sets and Whole Numbers.Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers.Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers.Numeration.3. Estimation and Computation. Strategies and Procedures for Mental Computation.Strategies and Procedures for Estimation.Algorithms for Addition and Subtraction.Algorithms for Multiplication and Division.4. Number Theory. Factors and Divisibility.Prime and Composite Numbers.5. Understanding Integer Operations and Properties. Addition, Subtraction, and Order Properties of Integers.Multiplication, Division, and Other Properties of Integers.6. Rational Number Operations and Properties. Rational Number Ideas and Symbols.Adding and Subtracting Fractions.Multiplying and Dividing Fractions.Operations with Decimals.Comparing, Ordering and Connecting Rational Numbers.7. Proportional Reasoning. The Concept of Ratio.Proportional Variation and Solving Proportions.Solving Percent Problems.Finding Simple and Compound Interest.8. Analyzing Data. Types of Data Displays.Data Displays That Show Relationships.Describing the Average and Spread of Data.Decision Making with Data.9. Probability. Understanding Probability.Connecting Probability to Models and Counting.Simulations.Odds and Long-Term Behavior.Permutations and Combinations.10. Introducing Geometry. Basic Ideas of Geometry.Solving Problems in Geometry.More About Angles.More About Triangles.More About Quadrilaterals.11. Extending Geometry. Transformations.Geometric Patterns.Special Polygons.Three-Dimensional Figures.12. Measurement. The Concept of Measurement.Measuring the Perimeter and Area of Polygons.Measuring the Surface Area and Volume of Solids.13. Exploring Ideas of Algebra and Coordinate Geometry. Variables, Expressions, and Equations.Solving Equations.Exploring Graphs of Linear Equations.Connecting Algebra and Geometry.Appendices. A. Graphing Calculator.B. Geometry Exploration Software.C. Glossary of Geometric Terms.D. Constructions.

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